Friday, June 27, 2008


Hear ye! Hear ye! Good news to all bloggers out there!  Promote your blog and keep your audience informed in the form of a newsletter.  The newsletter of your latest blog posts may be directly sent to your visitors inbox daily, weekly, or monthly.  What a way to drive traffic to your blog with your own newsletter. And guys, this is only possible through Zookoda, an email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers.

When i first started to blog honestly i did not know about search engine things and driving traffic to blog.  As time flies, i realized the importance of making regular postings to attract new readers and encourage regular visitors to return to my blogs.  The problem is, once i have posted new content to my blog, there is little (RSS) to no way of informing visitors that its time to revisit my blog.   I only have limited time to blog hop and in effect i get limited bloggers to view my posts. Zookoda is a great way to promote new content to visitors, encouraging them to return when i have new posts. And oh, this service of Zookoda is all FREE!  I find this very interesting and helpful. 

Zookoda enables bloggers to manage email newsletter subscribers. Accepting, verifying and managing email subscriptions can be a time consuming business, something a blogger really doesn't have time for. Knowing this, Zookoda takes care of all email subscriptions.

Zookoda also enhances one's blog with custom newsletter subscription forms. Bloggers are enabled to create their own templates, include images in design and rearrange blog content.

Once the right email design is decided, broadcast follows. Broadcasts within Zookoda can either be one-off (entering a specific date and time), or recurring, it can be sent out each day, week or month.

Finally, Zookoda offers real-time reports to ensure bloggers are well informed about the email success and visitor habits. Each email is tracked during delivery, providing an open, bounce and click through information.Zookoda also manages all your unsubscribes and keeps track of these within your mailing list.

Zookoda also manages all the unsubscribes and keeps track of these within the mailing list. Wow, it is such a great way to really drive traffic to blogs.  It's time to join zookoda, bloggers!
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