Thursday, June 19, 2008


I want to be nostalgic now.  Wanted to bring back memories of the past when i was still in my on-the-job training for this field postion that i have now.  We were required to go on bivoac or a hike over the mountain top of mount makiling in laguna. The hike uphill was difficult and slow, we trod the long route and as we were climbing uphill my ears wee soar. The altitude was already high. 

In our way down, five of us went downhill and trodded a different route.  One of my batchmates lead the way. Trusting that he knew the way we followed him. We passed through the woods enjoyed the sight of the birds, trees and wildflowers.  Two hours passed and we noticed we were lost in the woods.  We badly needed a location map to lead us out of the confusion in the woods.  Luckily, after 3 hours we found our way out when we could have done it in less than an hour, supposedly.

Nowadays, i won't get inside the woods or in any place without location maps or  digital maps. Companies now are selling location maps with services including, digital mapping, map printing and online mapping for both the UK and Global markets.  I have looked at and i am convinced of their expertise in maps.

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