Thursday, June 19, 2008


For almost 18 years that i have been working in the government, the most enjoyable parts, i should say, are the travels outside my work assignment.  I had all my firsts when i work in the government, first time to ride in an airplane, first to cross the island across where i live, first time to go to the beautiful spots in the Philippines, first time to travel across all islands in the Philippines and first time to be accomodated in plosh hotels.  

In a few of the plosh hotels, i enjoyed so much the fine dining, the relaxing massage in the spas, and shopping when there are any shopping stores.  I have to be honest that i feel rich when i am in plosh hotels, wishing always that i am with my children.  I wanted them to enjoy the same luxury as what i am enjoying.  For the past three years now, i always make it a point to give them a getaway every summertime.  I bring them to plosh hotels, at least, for an overnight stay so they can enjoy fine dining and the big swimming pool they want to splash on.

I have accessed in the net about hotels in london and the  london hotel breaks. Wow, its the kind of hotel i am looking for my shortbreaks. It offers weekend glof breaks, health and beauty spas, holiday hotspot, shopping breaks, theatre and walking breaks. Wow, i can't wait to be in any of the hotels at and spend holiday there with my children. 

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