Saturday, June 14, 2008


Caring for the teeth is very important.  It should be a hobby instilled in children and started while they are still young.  Proper brushing should be taught to save the teeth and to save on mommy's wallet.  Dental care treatment is costly.

I brought my son this morning to the dentist.  His two front teeth needed filling.  They oftentimes forget to brush teeth especially when i am not around to prod them.  I learned from the dentist that non-brushing or brushing but not made in the proper way causes cavities to destroy the teeth. 

Here are tips on proper brushing, according to the dentist:

1.  Hold the toothbrush just under the gumline at a 45-degree angle.  Gently jiggle the brush or move in tiny circles over the teeth snd gums.  Repeat for each tooth.
2.  Brush the inside of tooth using the same jiggling motion as in no. 1.
3.  For the chewing surfaces, use a high back and forth motion.
4.  Finally, massage the gums with fingers and gently brush tongue, too.

It isn't too late to learn the proper way of brushing teeth.

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great info a brushing sis! :) a tag for u here