Monday, June 9, 2008


It is an irony that summertime is over here in the Philippines while it is only starting in the US. Supposedly, today was the first day of classes but due to the President's rationalization of holidays policy, the June 12 holiday was instead made today, June 9 as an extension of the weekends.  So, tomorrow will be the start of rush days.  Everybody is expected to wake up early, especially the mothers and students, and prepare everything to be early for school.

Some changes will have to be made in my and children's schedule.  After office, i shall have to be home to see to it that assignments will be made by my two sons.  And tutoring, too if they can't do their homeworks by themselves.  For my kids, they will miss their weekdays TV programs as i will ban TV viewing during classes days.  Friday nights until Sunday they can watch TV but only up to 5pm on Sundays.  I have to do this as part of instilling discipline on their study habits.

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