Thursday, July 31, 2008


Making a buzz of one's personality, company, business products, websites is effective if marketed or advertized in the web. In the web though, it has to have a place in the search engine. To optimize search engine optimization, driving a traffic to one's site is extremely necessary. is a great help to advertisers in promoting products or services. Socialspark have thousands of publishers or bloggers to promote the product, drive traffic and create a buzz. In no time at all, once products or services are advertised through Socialspark, a stream of customers will be buzzing up product owners sites for a buy. Another effective promotion is to get a blogger sponsor the company, brand or product in her or his blogsite. I ask myself  now, what do i want to sponsor in my blog? Well, i want to sponsor branded shoes in my sites. Shoes are anybody's favorite. This way i can derive income from said sponsorship through visitors click or visitors order through my website.
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