Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Cooking, laundry, ironing, or cleaning the house? My favorite chore at home is cleaning the house from my bedroom, to the living room, kitchen and to the rest room. Cleaning is my favorite stuff, its as if i find relief once i see the house clean and organized. But, there is a problem when my system gets engulfed with laziness. I just avoid cleaning and instead task our helper to do the cleaning, and i make a close supervision.

I am very meticulous on dusting the furnitures and other areas of the house. My helper gets wary i know when i become meticulous and makes her repeat all over the cleaning to my satisfaction. I have planned of buying a new vacuum cleaner to clean on tough dirts . Timely enough, i saw on the net about Dirt Devil .  It has to be good because it got an Energy Star approval and the first cordless AccuCharge cleaning technology vacuum cleaner, which has a better way to save energy. The new AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac use 70% less energy. It is all i need with the rising cost of electricity, a cost-efficient vacuum cleaner, handy and optimum cleaner.    5238dd240x180public

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