Sunday, July 27, 2008


Do you want to be succesful in the field of Information Technology? Why not obtain a Cisco certification? Cisco is a global e-learning program that offers students an opportunity to pursue IT curricula through online instructor-led training and hands-on lab exercises. At the comfort of your home and at your conveneient time, learn and dicover more about the future of networking technology, the field with a wildly growing career opportunities. 

A friend who migrated in the United States, narrated how lucky she was when she enrolled and got certified when she was still adjusting in her new environment. She simply accessed and got her certificications of up to an Expert level.   There are four levels, the Entry, the Associate, The Professional and the Expert.  She did not encounter a difficulty in applying for a job when the employer saw her Cisco Certification. Now, she is earning much money commensurate to her expertise and she is proud to be affiliated to two more employers. She owes Cisco a lot, especially in this strange land she once was apprehensive of if she will ever get to have a good employment. The convenience and luxury of time of enrolling online was for her not so taxing and no so time consuming. She saved money for fare and she liked it as she was not sure if she could make it anywhere without her hubby.

We can chart our destiny, too. Let us start to be Cisco Certified first, and success will follow.   

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