Sunday, July 6, 2008


I was born in the month of flowers, yes May, and flowers always fascinate me. Ten years ago in my backyard i grew orchids and many other flowering and ornamental plants.  Due to my busy schedule when i had my job up to 5 pm and schooling at night which led me to arrive home at 10pm, my plants withered.  At first i took time to water them even at 11 in the evening but eventually i was too tired to attend to them. I lend my orchids to one of my officemates and gave away the others to friends where they could be better attended to.

Since then, i think the flowers and plants got slighted with me. I used to be a "green thumb" , but when i decided to plant back again, after my busy schedule was lifted, the plants would not "blossom" anymore.  I buy plants, which have flowers already, but after they wither they don't blossom anymore. I just hope that this one i bought in the fiesta fair, since it is starting to wither off, will give me flowers soon. 


Nilz said...

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And I'm 'He' not 'She'!

Have a nice time.

Anonymous said...

Hi...You have such a nice blog!..Thank you for adding me..I'll be glad to be your friend as well...God bless!

The New Mom on the Blog said...

we are opposites! Every plant used to die in my hands. Now they are happily growing under my care....I guess they love to hear me talk to them.*wink*

Suzanne said...

That's one thing that I can't do: nurture plants. :D

By the way, as you requested, I have added your two links on my 3 blogs. Kindly do the same here as soon as you can.

Thanks and take care!

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