Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Jose Mari Chan will be performing live at the Palo Leyte Academic Center. He, along with Sheryn Regis and matinee idol Albert Martinez are specail guests of Jose Mari Chan. Albert Martnez? Why does he sing,  i mean is he a singer?  I don't know. Maybe, because he has the guts to perform side by side with Jose Mari Chan.  Well, the handsome and debonaire Gov. Icot-Petilla will also sing as one of the special guests. I know he sings very well. He is handsome, too. He is my crush, and i blush whenever he talks to me. Aaah, he is really super handsome. I had a ticket for the July 26 performance but i gave it to a friend as i wont be home yet by that time.     

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o? wat part of pampanga..nice blog u have