Sunday, July 27, 2008


Jose Mari Chan is already a legend in singing. For 38 years now that he has been singing, its as if his voice never faded. He is still has that very soothing and calm voice that inspires the audience with awe.  In his concert i viewed last night, he only not proved his prowess in singing but his stage performance was enliven as well by his jokes.  He has that knack in cracking jokes that makes everybody laugh, clap and whistle in admiration.  

His beautiful wife was with him, and i came to know that one of his songs entilted "Sad Refrain", was written in memory of his depression over her girlfriend of 2 years who left to be a missionary in a foreign land. In his sadness, he sat down and composed this song and recorded it in a cassette tape and sent it to his gf.  He recounts her gf probably liked the song because 4 years after, her gf went back and became his wife.   


The New Mom on the Blog said...

The way you describe Jose Mari Chan made me go do a search on him.

JeFf & NoVa said...

WOW, thats a good news.. i like him as a singer, he has the most amazing voice with pretty much wonderful lyrics... i love all his songs jud ba..

musta naman diri? nadugayan kog balik saon nabusy gamay akong kalag eh.. why? i'll blog it soon...abangan!!!


as for your comment: yup, naningkamot jud kog luksog taas ana uy kay lagi aron maka post ko.. intawon nakakuha ra jud maayong picture akong bana intawon.. heheheh


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