Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My children are proud of me as a mommy blogger. I guess i know why. This means augmentation of my regular salary, which is barely coping with our needs. I have lots of monthly deductions, the bulk of it goes to the house amortization. I am glad i somehow earn from blogging and i can buy the childrens needs out of it. In fact, my project plan for my blogging earnings is intended for the upper deck repair of my house.

SocialSpark is one of the advertisers i have signed up into. In here, grabbing thing is directly avoided.  The blogger only have to reserve for a slot and wait for an e-mail to complete the requirements for the opportunity.  Approval of posts at social spark is relatively fast, too. To mommy bloggers out there, why don't you try signing up with socialspark and increase your chances of saving more money for the family?

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lancer said...

hello honey,
I am unable to understand why ur not talking to me.
All the Eight years i was with u in ur life now i have become nothing.
I am feeling Lonely dippressed and i am upset
please talk to me