Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Socialspark has been kind to me today, too. I had three tasks from them today. And, i have a task to be edited, too per their email to me because i was not able to take shots of my gnome bling in two angles. Gee, i figure i did not read the requirements very well in haste during that time. Anyway, when i was supposed to make an edit, there is no provision for "edit post" under that task anymore. Anyone of you here guys who can teach me how to submit my edited post under bling gnome to socialspark? I will write customer love for this anyway.  Please help.

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Lianny said...

Hi! I was a little lost in action lately(got sick).
I actually just drop by to cheer you up even tough I do not know the solution :p
I got something for you on my blog. Please drop by!