Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Do you like a free luxury Watch? Yeah, a luxury branded watch. Well, why not own one? Buy a watch for you or a gift to a love one online at www.the  Or, you can buy now with at a discounted price to up to 80%. A selection of branded and excellent quality  luxury watches can be selected. You can select from Tag Heuer, Movado, Cartier, Corum, Ebel, and many other trusted brands.  Wow, i could not help but fall for the Movado watch.  I will try to save and replace my luxury watch, which is 5 years old now.  For sure, with a Movado watch, i will feel great at myself for wearing a very classy watch.  

The gold and diamonds watches of the Watchery are super beautiful. Its right for any occasion and boy, you will really shine among many people. I can't wait to have my Movado watch, soon.



U.Lee said...

Hi Imelda, all my life I have owned only...let me think..
at 12 years old for doing well in my studies, my father gave me a timex.
It lasted till I was 16...he presented me with a Longines.
When I started working I bought a Seiko in lasted 8 years...then I bought a Citizen watch...all very cheap...I never go for designer watches or shoes, whatever, ha ha.

Later in 1985 my wife gave me a Seiko for a birthday present....
and 8 years ago...I had given a good tip re some stocks to buy to a good friend....he made good money...and few days later presented me with A Rolex Oyster Explorer is still on my wrist now.

So all my life to date I only bought 2 watches, ha ha. Lee.

Robert said...

I too got a Movado watches from The Watchery at very discounted price.