Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I bought an Emerson UPS 660 VA last month to replace my Giant 500VA UPS. The other day when computer technician was here, he installed it. I observed occurrences of ticking sound in it from time to time. Everytime it happens, i get an internet disconnection. At first, i shrugged off the idea that my new UPS was defective. The next day it was still the same, the ticking sound increased and my disconnection became frequent.  I decided to put back my old UPS now as i was fed up already with being disconnected time and again. My old UPS is still doing the power regulation but it does not anymore store power. Anyhow, my new UPS that pissed me off will be returned to the computer store to request for its replacement.


Cherax SP said...


first of all, thank for the comment on my blog :), and sorry to hear your ups was defective, hope it can be used again, nice blog if i may say, talking about philipines remind me someone, my frend i mean.. ups.. i talk out of the topic, that's it for now mate, nice to meet you and happy, sorry for mein bad english, visit here too perhaps usefull :)

Tey said...

Hi Imelda nicely posted this topic here. Very informative. Thanks for the visit again my friend
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