Friday, July 11, 2008


Death is inevitable. It could happen at anytime, anyday and most at a time when one is not ready yet to surrender his life. But who is? By tradition, I was in a wake last night at an officemate's whose mother died at the age of 86. Believe me even at this age, the mother was not ready to die yet as she fought for her life. She died of cirhosis of the liver and i guessed it was painful for her. But mind you, the mother was painless even with that ailment. Well, who would say that cirhosis of the liver happen to smokers and drinkers? The mother did not smoke nor drink alcoholic drinks. She got it from taking medicines that damaged her kidney and liver. She was old already and i thought then that her internal organs wanted already to rest. I just pray for the eternal repose of her soul and may she meet the Almighty Father in heaven.  


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