Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Whenever i go to malls and internet cafes, the sight of young people and adults playing games online is rampant. My kids are especially crazy about these online games.  I already talked to them that its a waste of money to be playing in the internet cafe when they can't use my computer because i am blogging , but it seems i can't stop them.  Kids will always be kids.  They just love computer games and just lately they are prodding me to buy a CD on the Dungeon Runners online, which have added a very exciting character in the game, the Bling Gnome.

I was aghast that gnomes are being liked about now. In my childhood times, i am scared with the mention of gnomes because gnomes either give wealth or destruction and my father use to tell me a story that they live under our jackfruit tree. I have wanted my father to talk to the gnome so it would give us gold, but he would just laugh at me.

In the game Dungeon Runners, "bling" means gold or jewelry.  A player is lucky if he has a "bling gnome", as he will have someone following him around to help. Gnomes in the Dungeon Runners are very helpful creatures and they pick up anything the player drops to the ground and turn them into gold. It is a very exciting game, and it will bring players into the fantasy of magic.  I will accede to my children's request for this Dungeon Runners. At least, they would have the modern version of the old fairytales of gnomes.

Hey, interested? Simply click the download the free game, or purchase a subscription for yourself.


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