Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here is a good news to all job applicants and job owners out there. A site at  www.thefreelancenation.com is here to offer a city-specific freelance job ads for companies that are in need of workers and for job workers that are trying to find a job . This is also a good site for job recruiters and staffing agencies to find the quality job candidates.  

Freelancers will benefit from this as this enables one to easily source and fairly price contract projects. To business out there this will enhance their small business through collaboration and cooperation. The freelance jobs directories care about the self-employed and the freelance industry for accounting, tax preparation, business consulting, administrative support, printing, insurance, legal and other services.  

Interested? What are you waiting for? See the rolls or post your freelance jobs and freelance work now and get best results!  


JeFf & NoVa said...

hmmmm..siguro puede pud ko ani mu-try apply diri.madawat kaha koh?

as for your comment: sori na dugay napud ko, nasabit akong kalag uy.. hopefully among kasal kay karong agosto na jud puhon, pero if okay na jud ang tanan ug fix na, aw pahibal-un jud takag una uy.

hala ka diha, may arthritis diay ka dear? na murag maglisud jud ka ana diri sa america kay diba mutukar mana if bugnaw. unsaon nlng if magsnow na diri.. patungod nlng kas heater permi? i do hope nga mawagtang na na ba..

we are planning to go diay sa NY city karong fall season, ginastoryahan pa namo jud para if unsa ni madayon, kaning akong mga kauban diri kay mahadlok sa NY city, di sila ganahan jud daw... kay samukan sila tapos daghan crime... ehehehehe

pero sige lang kay akong paningkamutan jud nga madayong mi, akoa ning pangkuliton ning mga igsoon sa akong banahon uy..

musta nman ka diri?

Tey said...

I wonder when am I going to make money as a freelancer.. I'm really tired of having someone as superior or inferior world. Have a great day Imelda
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