Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I have a very gloomy blog life.  My tasks from PPP and other advertisers can't be started much more finished because something went wrong with either blogger or my domain server. What a hassle.  Since yesterday, everytime i post a task from both my domain and blogspot sites, these errors are displayed, which i quote, thus:

" the post url is unreachable"  - this is for the site with domain

"the blogsite does not match the blogsite requirement" - this is for my blogspot site 

Now, I can't anymore access my domain site at www.mymoods.net.  This site, however http://wwwmissbodybeautiful-firstlady.blogspot.com can still be accessed however, there is a failure in submitting paid task posts due to the above technical errors. 

I have contacted my domain host and they responded.  I hope this could be fixed, the soonest possible time. Please, my domain host settle this problem as this causes a great inconveneince on my part.

Friends, please bear with this technical problems that are beyond my control. I hope to see you again on my other site when its already settled in.  If you have you encountered the same problems as these please share so i will know what to do.


Liza said...

hassle nga talaga kanina, i'm glad it's ok now.

btw, i have a meme for you

see yah

Rosemarie said...

waray pa gad masumo

U.Lee said...

Hi Imelda, hope this gets thru.
Could the problem be with your computer? Or ISP?

Anyway, hope it gets cured soon.
You stay easy and have a nice weekend, Lee.

RoseLLe said...

hirap nga nyan...i hope it won't take that long to be fixed. nakakamiss talaga ang blogging :D

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The New Mom on the Blog said...

hey girl, do you remember my post "I'm back, Finally!" on July 11?

I wrote down the reply from my hosting company....I have a hutch that yours may be because of the same reason.


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