Saturday, August 16, 2008


When i opened my domains now, i was happy that my blogspot account is now transformed into a domain site.  The site then is now  Friends, please change my URL in your blogrolls.


Tey said...

congrats Imelda.. I will change the URL on my sites soon..

Jemi said...

I will update ur url , sis! So, you did not remove that other blog ? I always got that msg. of your blog being deleted everytime mo visit ko sa imoha.

The New Mom on the Blog said...

*Phew* at least you found out the 'real problem' now....

Sandra Carvalho said...

got it done girl!
take care!

nokiaedition said...

congraguliton for your new domain, wish you successfull everytime

U.Lee said...

Hi Imelda...I am wondering how you had that problem?
Anyone knows your password?
Also, have you used someone else computer and got into your blog?
Do you use your work place computer?
Did you send your computer for repairs?

These are the 4 places or how it can unless someone gets into your blog, he or she cannot delete your blog.

A lot of workplaces as well companies have those 'keylogging' operation...they can sneak into your computer after learning your password.

Someone got into your pc and did it.
I strongly suggest you change your password ASAP. Change your password every 5 months....and use up to 12 alphabets mix with numbers.

You stay easy and have a great week, Lee.

Cecile2 said...

done updating it to new url, pls update my url in life is good and beautiful to salamat!