Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Ever feel remorseful because you took a nap and it turned into a deep slumber? I need a much needed rest admitedly, but this time when i woke up i was full of remorse because i missed 10 opportunities in my dashboard for this site. I could have reached the maximum tasks for this. Anyway, enough for the rant. It's even good that i was able to sleep. As the saying goes, better luck next time.


JeFf &NoVa said...

i do felt being remorseful sis, i have been that some other times to, pero maybe there are others who badly needed to have it than me, mao nlng jud na akong ginaisip kay para pud di kaayo ko ma feel dreadful about losing opps always...

as for your commento, hmmmm.. i can say i disabled my profile that way you can just read katong akong gibutang sa akong blog sa navbar nko dear. hmmmm... murag wala jud ko maka incounter kay lagi wala man pud ko naga open sa akong self nga profile... pero i do know nga mao ng iyang mtambag. is it annoying ba for you?

naa nkoy EC you can drop me napud ba.. hehehehe..

Tey said...

hahahah you're not alone, this happens to me almost everyday.. Ester's Daily Thoughts
Ester's Money Journal
Concealed Mind

Mariuca said...

Wow 10 opps missed during a short nap? Oh that's too bad Imelda, but yes...better luck next time! :):):)