Tuesday, September 30, 2008


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Pregnancy behaviors are different in every woman. There are those who do not feel any inconveneinces at all, no nauseatic feeling, no morning sickness,no vomiting, no food coyness and no backpains. But for some, like my sister-in-law she has all the stated pregnancy conditions. And mind you, she suffers all the way up to her trimester. Ever since she gave birth from her 1st to 4th child and up to now she is conceiving her her 5th, its still the same conditions that she feels. I am amused at her because she's got this intense tolerance. My, if it happened to me, i will never sire a second child after feeling all these symptoms. Maybe, i will just wait for the time when husbands can already get preggy until we can have our 2nd child. Her tolerance is just great.


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I never would have thought that mother will be wearing the black leggings i bought her on her birthday and paired it together with the white blouse.  Mother is sort of conservative and when it comes to dresses she is so old-fashioned.  I was amazed when she wore it today. It looked good on her and she doesn't seem to be tool old for that wear. I know she would also look good on the printed blouse i bought her, too.

Truly, when one wears any clothes, no matter the age, if you wear it with atttitude no one would think you overdo it.   


Really, the progression of information technology have given us more comfort and convenience in our daily living. In our access for complete public records for instance, such as  marriage and divorce records, birth and death records, business information, property records, court and criminal public records, links to employment searches, unemployment benefits, and others, all of these are accessible within mouseclick. Just click at www.completepublicrecords.org, it is a great site which will aid anybody who wants to access anybody's public record, may it be state records or US public records.


Kids are home for they have no classes. Their classes were suspended due to the typhoon. When its signal no. 2, elementary and high school classes are automatically suspended by school authorities. As usual they are into watching their favorite tv channels. I just love them to see them home when they watch TV and eat whatever available food there is in the fridge. That is why, when they are at home i see to it that there are healthy snack foods available for them to nibble.

Sometimes, they can't avoid having arguments. The elder is sometimes tricky when it comes to playing games. After awhile, the younger will be crying and not soon after that, you would see they reconcile, again. It can't be avoided i guess to siblings to make some petty quarrels once in awhile.


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A previous neighbor told me about the death of his son and i find it horrifying. The 7-month old baby was left to the care of the 7- year old brother. My neighbor are fish vendors a kilometer away from their house. The duo were left to themselves and while playing upstairs, the 7 year old fell onto the muddy area down their house and he got mud all over. Frantic to see the 7- month old with muds and in order to hide and leave no trace trace of the "falling incident" from parents, the elder scampered to find water to clean the mess on his younger brother. Since there was no water in the faucet, no water in the pail, and no water everywhere, the elder found a better way to sanitize the baby. He grabbed the only water he know that would clean the mess up, water coming from the vacuum flask full of hot, hot water. He poured the water onto the baby from head to foot, amid the baby grimacing in pain. I feel numb all over my body as i write this. I couldn't help but cry over the fate of this baby. He died of 4-degree burn.

I can't blame the elder. He followed this "hot water thingy putting" from her mother who used to pour hot water to the baby's bath daily to warm the water.        


Do you get annoying calls from unknown callers? I know how discomforting it is, especially to wake up at night only to find prank callers. There are really people who have nothing to do with their lives and they keep on distrurbing the peace of other people. Well, this will be ended now as there is a Reverse Phone Lookup to trace unknown callers, their identities and their locations and you can get back to them in the right way. Click at www.50statephonelookup.com to know how.


Storm again, and this time it is storm signal no. 2. Classes in the elementary and high schools are suspended. I wish this will not escalate into a full blown storm as this would spell damage again. Well, the kids loved it that they were sent home. Kids will always be kids. I was like that, too when i was young. I hate storms, though. It was only the suspension of classes that i love.


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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Like many bloggers whose sites have been upgraded by Google, i am equally as happy as them because this site was updated to PR2 from PR 0. I can see a promising extra income from blogging on this site now.

For each there is a time. From the month of May, when this site received a PR 0, i have patiently waited for my time. And now is my time. I wish it could have been higher but i know this was only the equivalent rating this site garnered per Google sandards. I have to work harder to get an even better PR for this blog.

For bloggers out there whose sites did not meet Google's passing requirements for a certain page rank, there is always time to improve. For each there is a time, and your time may not have come, yet.

Happy blogging to all of us!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


The first thing that a businessman should consider in trading his products is the security of his company, his people and his products.  There is a gadget that helps provide security, even police personnel use these to limit and provide gang-related crimes, and it is the security camera system sold by IT Planet. IT Planet sells security cameras and systems, bar code label printers, barcode scanners, and touchscreens for Point of Sale equipment and Supplies at discounted prices. Click their site now at www.itplanet.com.


Watching the debate of presidentiables Obama and McCain, i can sense that both of them appeared very hesistant to hammer each other with the issues where they had an opportunity to do so. Obama is young and articulate although he lacks the experience of McCain in foreign policies. McCain appeared so calm and resolute. Many times his views were concurred by Obama. I did not see one of them made an "overkilling" statement to each other. Maybe another debate will be even more interesting than this one.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Put things on their proper places. I instilled this to my children since they were small, whenever they play and after they play with their toys. My helper is not spared of this, too. I noticed that she just mix up everything from clothes, bills and receipts, up to the things in the kitchen. I hate scaters. My files at home of important documents are filed properly because it wastes my time and energy, whenever things are messed up. What do i do to make things oganize? Well, a permanent marker, board paper, glue and scotch tape are my weapon. With my chicken-scratch writing, who cares its my things anyway, i put a label to the clothes cabinets of children, label on my folders of receipts and bills, and labels on the kitchen cabinets. 

I read in the internet about this DYMO Labelmaker. Its quiet a fantastic solution to organizing the things in the offices, in the home, in the kitchen and in the school stuff of kids. It is as well a good solution to putting a tag on the kids clothes. I will change my old labels with my chicken-scratch writing with this Dymo Label Maker. If my younger son will go on a field trip, i would surely put a label or tag on his clothes, for secuiry purposes.

Why don't you try and switch to your old labellling to this Dymo Labeling? Visit its site at www.global.dymo.com.



This is a very special day for all of us. Today is the birthday of mother. The family, sans those who are living in far places, will be having a sort of reunion. Where to go? In a beach resort. Its nice if Mother Sun will not beam its heat so good because i can plunge into the sea. Well, if not, i would rather not swim, too. I don't like to burn my skin. Been applying whitening skin lotions on it for years, i dont want to lose my fair skin in just a matter of few hours under the sun. Honestly, it has been a long time since i dip in the sea. Although we live near it, i rarely go with my sons because the sun's rays on my skin is very excruciating. There is a trace of that burn till now in my face. So, i will just enjoy with my famly whom i miss being together with.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


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I recently noticed that the nodule in my throat have reduced considerably or may have been eliminated. I was once diagnosed to have a a diffused nodule hypothyroidism. I have been taking this medicine for my hypothyroid coupled with a Meganerve Bitamin B1+B6+B12. Happily, i have improved and i have to see my doctor about this.

I have been a good patient lately. The first time i was diagnosed to have a hypothyroid,many times i forget to take my medicines. There was a slight improvement at that time but when my doctor said it won't heal unless i take my medicines regularly, i religiously took my medicinesd after that. See? I can be stubborn at times.


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I don't know whats wrong but i have an intermittent connection for a week now.It pisses me at times when i have finally finished a long review and i finally get to publish it, only to find it lost later because the connection was disconnected. I get so mad but i have no one to turn my ire into, so after a long sigh, i get to start all over again.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I recently talked to a dentist friend who visited New York along with her brother and they were hosted by a brother who resides in New Jersey. During one weekend, they had this trip to the City of New York and along the way going to the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center they had to cancel it because my dentist friend was brought instead to the nearest clinic for irritable bowel syndrome. Since it was a short visit they were not able to make it to the Manhatan Rock Observation Deck.

I told them in their next New York tours, they should organize their travel beforehand. And for getaways,  Trusted Tours and Attractions provides easy and safe online ticketing for numerous sightseeing tours, attractions and museums across 23 cities of America. A newsletter sign-up page for the Trusted Travels Enewsletter will provide various ideas for their next travel including online travel guides on other places carefully selected by Trusted Tours and Attractions like the Cypress Gardens Florida and many more. They are guaranteed to give the best value for their money and once they sign-up for the Enewsletter, they have a chance to win a $150 Magellan’s Gift Certificate. How about you? Take this opportunity now.


My friend recently underwent a breast operation and it was found out that she has a malignant cyst. My memory brings me back to the time when my obstetrician, during my prenatal on my second and third child regularly examined my breast for lumps. I learned how to do my own breast examination. She shared to me the following:

Examine breasts visually in the mirror. Few women have breasts that match exactly, while for some it is normal for one breast to be slightly larger than the other. 

Examine breasts using the pads of the middle three fingers, moving in small dime-sized circles from the collarbone to the armpit and from the bra line to the breastbone. If any unusual lumps are discovered, thickening, discharge from the nipple, or changes of any kind are discovered, report to the doctor immediately. Most lumps are not malignant, but just the same it pays to consult the doctor to make the diagnosis.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


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Press Release:

Internet Redundancy & Peace Of Mind - Guaranteed! 
XRoads Networks Unleashes ZeroOutages.com UBM stalwart unveils industry's first service developed specifically for the SMB market. 

Irvine, Calif., - September, 2008 - XRoads Networks, the worldwide leader in Unified Bandwidth Management platforms, today announced the wide availability of ZeroOutages, which is part of the industry-leading XRoads Networks solution portfolio. ZeroOutages delivers turnkey simplicity for SMB's looking for network redundancy. The solution includes a secondary broadband connection, switching technology and everything else required for constant Internet uptime in a single, easy-to-deploy service. 

As a result, ZeroOutages enables users to dramatically improve productivity and avoid unnecessary downtime. This enhances productivity and the ability to achieve greater profitability while improving customer satisfaction. 

"The increased importance of the Internet for companies utilizing SaaS and VoIP technologies is driving organizations to look for inexpensive and easy to deploy Internet redundancy solutions," said Daren French, VP Business Development for XRoads Networks (ZeroOutages.com). "Today's best-in-class companies need solid Internet connectivity in order to maintain the highest possible level of service and maximize the effectiveness of their Internet-based systems." 

The ZeroOutages solution is designed to provide 99.999% uptime and accelerate the flow of business by enabling end-users and IT professionals to avoid expensive Internet service outages. This service uses advanced technology to enable transparent redundancy, active balancing and datacenter reliability and is delivered as a completely managed offering. Once deployed the company monitors the solution, maintains the service and ensures that any problems are immediately addressed by the company's 24/7 network operations center. 

"We are able to notify customers when an outage occurs so they always know what's happening, even if their end-users don't," said Mr. French. 

The ZeroOutages service leverages XRoads Networks' expertise in Internet redundancy solutions to enable businesses to minimize outage costs, increase reliability and ensure continuous productivity. Businesses of all sizes can now easily add network redundancy to their headquarters, branch offices and retail locations. 

Starting at only $99 per month, ZeroOutages dramatically increases Internet reliability and eliminates costly downtime. With ZeroOutages' service today's IT administrators can boost productivity, reduce costs and obtain peace-of-mind. 

ZeroOutages was developed in conjunction with XRoads Networks, Inc. and is the leading Internet redundancy and network load balancing service for the SMB market in North America.


A lot of children in a hospital today were in the news over TV as victims of food poisoning. These children when interviewed suspected that the juice they bought from an ambulant vendor was the cause of it all.The symptoms of food poisoning were present in this instance, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and these symptoms are shared by others who drank, too. 

Food poisoning is caused by bacteria that grow in food that is not handled or stored properly. Bacteria can grow rapidly when foods are not prepared carefully or are left at temperatures between 40 degreeas and 140 degrees. The bacteria produce a poison or toxin that causes an acute inflammation of the intestines. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may last from 12 to 48 hours for common food poisoning. These symptoms must be treated to avoid dehydration.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Product branding, identification, security and tracking are essential steps in packaging one's products. If you are into a large production of wines and food, for instance, you need to have a Custom Wine Label and similarly a custom label for your food items. For these needs, Labor World, with its site at www.labelworldusa.com will be a great help as it is an expert in the labeling and printing industry. If you are interested visit its site or call at 1-800-836-8186.


White rabbit candies sold in the market today were found to have formaldehyde substance. And, to my disgust these white rabbit candies are made from China. This is so obvious now.  It seems that China is killing mankind softly. It could be remembered that their manufactured toys were found to have contain toxic substances, their manufactured milks contain melamine, and now the white rabbit candies they manufucatured were found to have contained a  formaldehyde substance. Formaldehyde, is a substance formalin used in embalming cadavers. In my simple understanding of all of these acts, these are indications of sabotage to slowly kill mankind. This is so disgusting and offensive. I am positive that more anomalies by these Chinese will be discovered very soon. I am smoking hot to ban all their products, now and forever for i can never trust China products, anymore.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


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I am just wondering why China has a very loose quality control on its products especially those that are basically used by children like toys and milk. Months ago, toys manufactured from China were banned due to the presence of toxic substances that can endanger the lives of children using them. And now, they did it again.  And this time around, either they are so careless, inefficient,ineffective and they deserve condemnation, they did it again. And this time around, many babies went dead when melamine, a substance used for making plastics, was found to be one of the contents in the babies milk.  Hello, China wake up from your deep slumber!  This is a condemnable act. What are you trying to do? Are you trying to kill people through these? This is command responsibility of the China government. Wake up, China. You have scared the world of this melamine scare. My family here is scared, too not just of the melamine but of all products made from China.  


Friday, September 19, 2008


The way a person grooms and dresses is an expression of one's personality. Dressing appropriately in  a proper venue and occasion is called for. Me, becuase i entered in the public service at an early age always make it a point to dress appropriately. When it is called for to wear casual or formal clothes, i make it a point to match the color of my outift with the same color of  gemstone beads.  I have lots of these because i used to buy in the place i go to whenever i go for an official travel. You know where the beautifully crafted gemstome beads with excellent luster, excellent shapes, good nacre quality and good strand matching are located? They are at Beads of Cambay. It is one of the top wholesale bead suppliers. Beads of Cambay sells an array of gemstone beads with up to 30% discount for wholesale gemstone beads. You will truly detect Beads of Cambay gemstone beads because they are of rich colors, smooth edges and dramatic reflections. Visit their site at www.beadsofcambay.com and tell me if you will not be mesmerized with the beauty of these beads.


Thanks to the newly wed close friend cum sister of mine, Nova and to almost a little sister to me, Rosemarie for sharing me this award. 

Now i would like to pass this award to: Momie Milet, Sweet Jasmine,Ann.  

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Are you a mother who wants to save your life, the lives of your ascendants and descendants from life-threatening diseases? Yes, this is possible. Your and your husband's consent and willingness is all it takes to extract cord blood from your newborn baby's precious stem cells and Cryo-Cell will help you with the state-of-art collection and storage of the cord blood. Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank preserves the umbilical cord blood for potential use against many diseases that research may find helpful.

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1. Be an early buyer. Buy at this early while the prices for christmad decors and other gift items are still low. 

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3. Buy generic items. Generic items are cheaper. Branded ones cost higher.

4. Make a shopping list. You save time, money and energy if you prepare a shopping list before you go for shopping.

5. Enhance the art of bargaining. Master the art of bargaining. It could save you more money.


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It is not a joke to support a family. Salary has not yet increased but the prices of basic commodities have soared up. But this month is relatively ok, though because the price for a bag of rice has lowered. Liquified petroleum gas has lowered also, but what i don't understand is there was no roll back in the prices of grocery items and in the prices of meat and dairy products. The prices of these commmodities should supposedly have a reduction in its prices, too so that the impact of these prices roll backs will really be felt by the masses and there would be  additional food in the tables of marginalized families.  


I recently had a tour to Malaysia and Singapore and i was very apprehensive not to have a credit card with me for my purchases and for other purposes.  My friends, when they decided to proceed from Malaysia to Thailand, never worried for cash as they have credit cards with them. Me, carried cash with me and had to look for a money changer everytime i ran out of money currencies for these two countries.  Credit card is admittedly a necesity nowadAys. And speaking of credit cards, this site at www.online checks.com provides people with credit card processing simplified solutions. It is such a great help to merchants and individuals.


Yes, i applied for this online job to teach and i was luckily accepted. I am a teacher by profession only that i did not teach because i was already in the public service when i graduated from this course. I am still considering if i will push through with accepting this online job teaching because i find it hard to manage my time. I have to attend and spend time with my kids at night and of course, attend to my blog. I enjoy blogging more than teaching.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A cousin's daughter in California will be having her debut this coming November. She was asking me of ideas on what to do during the party and the preparations beforehand and so we both discussed, together. We discussed about the food to be served during the day, which we agreed to have the foods that teeners like most. The venue is to be held at a restaurant that has an exclusive place for groups. When we came upon the souvenir items to be given out to guests and visitors, i suggested for personalized items which would bear the customized design the debutante would want to have. The debutante agreed to the idea and she likes hats, magnets and pens. My cousin suggested for the t-shirts to be worn out during the morning because the debut will be a whole day affair in New Jersey. Nice and unique idea because i seldom see debutantes giving out thiese kinds of items. Anyway, i told my cousin to have the  t-shirt printing at VistaPrint, the home of easy design and best print solutions.  Avail of big discounts, a coupon code TShirts25 : 25% Off or 25% discount on t-shirts will be a big savings for the t-shirts printing. They can buy other stuffs from this big savings. Visit at www.vistaprint.com.


My computer has been unattended by a technician for about two (2) months. I guess its time for attention so this coming Saturday i will ask the technician in my workplace to come and just check on my softwares and hardwares, too. Just a security protection and so as to lengthen the span of life of the computer. Technician says every two months a computer must have to be maintained. How about you guys, do you allocate a budget to clean on your computer, and upgrade when necessary? 


A few years ago, contracting a credit to own a business was a difficult process and was an uncertain venture. I remember one time, when I went to the bank to apply for a loan as I wanted to open a bakery. Because of lack of connections inside the bank, my application was never given due favor. How I wish I knew then about this Easy Business Loans, I could have operated a bakeshop as it was so feasible at that time. Super Easy Credit is the company I knew about that offers this business loans. Through a credit card, you can now realize your business dream by availing of a credit of up to $50,000. Compare Unsecured Business Credit Offers and you will get to see which gives the best advantage in financing your business. Even if you had bankruptcy earlier, your credit opportunities will not be hindered just because of this. You still have the second chance. Why wait for more time? The realization of your dream is in your hands and Super Easy Credit is there to support you. Visit at www.supereasycredit.com.


Mother will be celebrating her birthday on September 26. She will be 82 years old but she doesn't look like it. She is a widow now as my father died at the age fo 57. We will be giving her a surpise birthday celebration, we will invite her close friends. I have already made the arrangements and it will go as planned on that day. Its sad, though, because 3 of her children can not come on her birthday so its just 7 of us here who will celebrate.  We are ten in the family and i am proud of her because she raised us all with tender loving care.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Who says greeting cards are already outdated with the advent of cellfones and the internet? Receiving a greeting card for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and card of condoloences in times of grief is still the best way to personally express one's feelings. Just like for example, for the thousands of soldiers comprising of men and women who are now stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan who won’t be able to celebrate the holidays with their friends and family, a simple christmas card will lift the spirit of these soldiers. That is why, The Gallery Collection, the maker of finest quality business greeting cards at a fair price, is committed to donate 180,000 holiday cards to these soldiers with the soldiers' Angel's motto 'May no soldier go unloved,'' thanking them for their services and wishing them a happy Holiday Season and New Year.  This is a very fitting motto for the soldier's greeting cards to let them feel that the people out here love them so much and that even if they are far away they are remembered.

For this Christmas, i choose to send Business Christmas cards to all my clients. Initially i have chosen my business christmas card design at The Gallery Collection with its site at www.gallerycollection.com. Among a variety of designs, i plan to order the Iridescent NativityOrnament Card. How about you? Spread the love, send tangible greeting cards. 


What would you have done if you were in a public transport and beside you is a man puffing his cigar and smoke billows out to your face? This is quiet rude, and i can't let pass a man without giving him the lecture on how to properly behave as a law abiding citizen. The arrogance of this man was testing my patience when i requested him to stop smoking because he was in a public transport and it is prohibited to smoke in public. He retorted by saying, "why don't you buy your own car, so you will be more comfortable and hassle-free?"  As if i was comfortable with him as a sickening sight.  And yes, he was such a big hassle. I lost my composure, i told him if he won't stop smoking i will talk to him before a policeman whom i know was posted in not a distant area. Luckily, he stopped but murmurs still escape from his mouth. I kept mum. I will never win an argument with an uneducated person. I have nothing against smokers, let me just clarify, i am just against smokers who smoke in public places and transport. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Feeling depressed and hopeless about your weight problem? Try to check at www.journeylite.com. Many with the same problem have availed the services of a lapband surgeon  at Journey Lite located in their place to perform the laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, the safest, least invasive weight-loss surgery available today. And, all of them are living happily with the big positive change this surgery has done to their lives. Take action, act now.



I will soon get my driver's license, what i have now is only a student permit.  I learned how to drive in a total of six hours. Each weekend i had to drive for an hour until i finally had the condifence to drive in the busy streets of the downtown area. Parking, though, is still to be practiced more, especially parallel parking. And, i need to learn more of the traffic rules and violations. 

These are what i learned today.

Traffic violations are generally divided into two categories: parking violations and moving violations. Moving violations are violations committed while the vehicle is in motion. It is the more serious of the two and carries stiffer penalties.

Among moving traffic violations, speeding is the most common. There are allowable speed limits in national highways, suburbs and near educational insitutions. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are also traffic violations, as is driving a vehicle that is in unsafe condition —- for instance a vehicle with a broken windshield. In some areas, using a cell phone while driving is illegal unless it is a "hands-free" style. Other traffic violations include not using a child's safety seat for small children and failing to fasten a safety belt. 

Though traffic violations can differ from one place to another, following is a list of some common infractions and misdemeanors:

1.  Parking illegally, e.g. in a red zone, taxi or bus zone, temporary zone, or in a disabled parking spot without a disabled sticker on your vehicle. 
2.  Running a red light. 
3.  Making an illegal turn by turning against a light or against a posted sign. 
4.  Failing to stop completely at a stop sign before proceeding through. 
5.  Taking the right-of-way when it belonged to another driver. 
6.  Changing lanes without using the turn indicator. 
7.  Driving a vehicle without properly functioning turn signals and brake lights. 
8.  Driving at night without headlights. 
9.  Transporting an oversized load in an unsafe manner. 
10. Hitting another vehicle, be it parked or moving. 

Folks out there who are novice like me, better check this out. 

Thursday, September 11, 2008


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Talking to a bunch of male participants during a training of barangay police enforcers, i could not fathom how most of them grow up on earth without instilling the sense of patriotism, and love of country. Has their reverence to the flag degraded or was it just pure ignorance of proper things to do when a flag is hoisted or the national anthem is sang.

An invocation started the activity followed followed by the singing of the national anthem. Most of the participants were facing to the right, because the invocation had a projector video. When the national anthem was sang, i saw most male participants sticked on facing to the right, instead of facing to the left, to the direction of the flag. And worst, most of them were still wearing their caps!

I cold not help but express my embarassment over this displayed irreverence before i started my lecture.  I wish next time, all of them would learn from this mistake and i hope, henceforth they would show reverence to the flag. 


A friend told me one day how difficult it is to buy suit for his young man. Her young man was supposed to be one of the sponsors in a church wedding,  a "best man" for his cousin's wedding. They had been touring in department stores, scouring the malls and boutiques. The available suits were either too short, or too long or either too tight or too loose. They even made their last attempt to go to a suit rental store with the hope that they could find the sure fit suit for her young man. Their efforts and time were wasted as they could not find any. Good thing, though, that a friend told of a site at www.mysuitny.com. MySuit is a global company with 40 years of manufacturing and retail experience of Made to Measure suits. In just 2 weeks they can make you a tailored suit made of good craftmanship and elegance. You can make an appointment online if you are interested to order a tailored suit from them. My friend guarantees that their tailored suits are the best.


Folks, my apoologies if i am not able to pay back a visit to your sites. I am off again for another round of speaking engagement and when it is over my body complains to lie down and rest. I will be speaking until the 18th of this month in a far place and attend to my office concerns at another place. I am just soo busy. Promise, i will get back to you as soon as i can. 

Monday, September 8, 2008


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Sunday, September 7, 2008


My friend Eds gave me this awards. Thanks sis! I really appreciate it. :)

Here are the rules:

1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.

2. Four (4) of them are followers of your blog.

3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. You must link back to who ever gave you the award. I am giving this award to who else but:





and Nova


A friend in Daly City told me about the family's summer vacation in New Jersey  at Morey's Piers. Good for them, they have visited the larget amusement piers inthe world, the Morey's Piers. I can't wait to go to that place one day with my children, too. She showed me an email with pictures of them at the New Jersey water parks especially the Skypond Journey, the kiddie rides which consisted of 100 exciting amusement rides and attractions. Her kids surely enjoyed the vacation and i laughed when the kids requested an extended stay at the hotel they booked in at Wildwood, New Jersey in one of the accommodations offered by Morey's Resorts. I was triggered by my friend's story so i clicked on at www.moreyspiers.com. I could only exclaim wow because the place is really suited for a family beach vacation. In fact, it is a best location for group events.  It is best to  check on their operating schedules before purchasing any tickets. One day, i will be there with my kids, that i promised to myself.


I am happy for my brother that he had finally decided to make extra income for his family. He called me up that he is selling "lechon" pork and he will do it every Sunday. Nice for him. I wish him good luck and may he be succesful in his endeavours for the family.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


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Later today i am going to watch a concert of my crush matinee idol, Sam Milby and singer Richard Poon. The concert will be held at the Astrodome. I hope to get a good seat for a good view of my favorite singers. I just don't like the sound system used in the Astrodome. I wish they would find a quality sound system. I want to have the best for my money in viewing concerts. 


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I was in a party held at a restaurant for a double celebration of a doctor friend's children's 8th birthday party of their first child and christening of their 2nd child. The kids enjoyed the birthday party as their was a clown entertainer from the Children's Place. My youngest son is proidding me to hold the same party with a clown entertainer on his next birthday. Well, maybe, it would depend upon the availability of funds.  


Moving out and transferring to another home of abode or office, for that matter, can be a very tedious job. It is important to not miss out anything especially if you are moving overseas. A site at www.internationalmovers.com will come in so helpful for you. International Movers is a global relocation directory providing guides for your auto transport, storage, real estate needs, mortgage services, moving supplies and a lot more. Your big move will be very organized without much hassle from you.  


My pet fish enjoys its 6th monthsary today in its little habitat.  Do you recall the name of this fish? It is a killer fish. It can not live with another fish in the same habitat because it kills even its own race. Glad that this fish never grows big. That is why, in its habitat it poses a warning, DO NOT DISTURB signage. 


A feeling of remorse is what i feel recently when i was diagnosed to have this hypothyroidism. I noticed a small lump in my throat, a nodule according to the doctor, who diagnosed me. Good thing , though that i went to the doctor for a check up after i felt this inconvenience in my throat. I am remorseful because this hypothyrodism problem may not have occured have i been taking dietary supplements, like the Care Nutrition -- Supplements That Doctors Trust to supplement iodine and vitamin B to my system.  True, most illnesses that a person feel when he grows up is due to lack of mineral and vitamis the body is supposed to sufficiently have.  Read this press release below: 

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I was watching over the cable tv the 911 movie. I recalled that very soon, the twin tower bombing will be reminisced. How i wished that the people, who were traumatized on that ill-fated day, have already recovered. If the soul-less people responsible for this bombing could only watch this movie, their hearts and minds could have been tortured by this heinous crime they committed.   


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Have you found yourself drifting to sleep and somebody is asking you and your answers sometimes hit and most of the times don't? To the extent that you are already answering things that are out of context and you make yourself a laughing stock and you suddenly awaken to see your being laughed at for your silly answers? Yes, this happened to me today. My sons were laughing at me when i woke up. I feel stupid in front of my kids.     

Friday, September 5, 2008


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Here's still hoping that the PR for my other blog was erroneously rated by PPP. It is still PR3 with google but PR O with PPP.


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Somehow i should be happy because from N/A this site was updated to pr O. No fret, because it is somehow an acceleration. Thank you friends and google for this.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


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It maybe one of the technical problems PPP is having. I successfuly reserved a task,  made the review as fast i could.When i was supposed to submit it, the reservation nor the task was never to be found. Wow, whats this? I could only sigh in disbelief. Makes me realize that PPP is like life, now you have it and in the spurr of a moment it isn't yours anymore. Anyway, i will just wait for more tasks to come. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I got this award from sister Rosemarie. Thank you so much, Lot. To you, be the commendation of this award, too as you made the lay-out of this blog. I was given this award to by Bhang. Thank you so much my sisters in blogging for keeping the friendship alive.

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I would like to thank the bloggers for responding to any problem i encounter with blogging.I am truly blessed to have friends out there who have kind hearts and unselfish interests. You know who you are peeps, and i thank you so much for the past favors. You can be assured of my help, too when need be now and in the future. 


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Monday, September 1, 2008


Is something wrong with blogsvertise? Recently, i received an email about the tasks they wanted me to post, they were the first tasks i got from them since the day i singed up and got approved. I was so joyful i made the posts and submitted them. The next day i had this email that my posts were rejected. I tried to edit and resubmit and a few minutes later emails rejecting my posts were sent to me. When i tired to log in to my blogsvertise account this was what was and is displayed until now, and i quote: " Sorry! Your account is not approved by admin."  

I tried to contact the contact us  at blogsvertise and as i was trying to submit my complaint form or page after typing in the security code, this was what appeared, and i quote again: "Sorry, you have entered an invalid security code. Please click back and try again".

I will b damned. I am so sure of the security code that i typed it correctly many, many times but many, many times i still get the same message saying i have entered an invalid security code. Hey, blogsvertise what's wrong? Has this happened to you, too guys?   


The power of social media is going stronger than ever.  Many social media platforms like google, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and instagram amo...