Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My friend recently underwent a breast operation and it was found out that she has a malignant cyst. My memory brings me back to the time when my obstetrician, during my prenatal on my second and third child regularly examined my breast for lumps. I learned how to do my own breast examination. She shared to me the following:

Examine breasts visually in the mirror. Few women have breasts that match exactly, while for some it is normal for one breast to be slightly larger than the other. 

Examine breasts using the pads of the middle three fingers, moving in small dime-sized circles from the collarbone to the armpit and from the bra line to the breastbone. If any unusual lumps are discovered, thickening, discharge from the nipple, or changes of any kind are discovered, report to the doctor immediately. Most lumps are not malignant, but just the same it pays to consult the doctor to make the diagnosis.



Liza said...

hi sing wrong woth your entrecard? its already my 3rd drop that i keep getting the "no such user result". contact EC sayang ang drops mo.

take care.

Tey said...

this scares me because I have small non cancerous cysts on my left breast. All under observation.
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