Sunday, September 14, 2008


I will soon get my driver's license, what i have now is only a student permit.  I learned how to drive in a total of six hours. Each weekend i had to drive for an hour until i finally had the condifence to drive in the busy streets of the downtown area. Parking, though, is still to be practiced more, especially parallel parking. And, i need to learn more of the traffic rules and violations. 

These are what i learned today.

Traffic violations are generally divided into two categories: parking violations and moving violations. Moving violations are violations committed while the vehicle is in motion. It is the more serious of the two and carries stiffer penalties.

Among moving traffic violations, speeding is the most common. There are allowable speed limits in national highways, suburbs and near educational insitutions. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are also traffic violations, as is driving a vehicle that is in unsafe condition —- for instance a vehicle with a broken windshield. In some areas, using a cell phone while driving is illegal unless it is a "hands-free" style. Other traffic violations include not using a child's safety seat for small children and failing to fasten a safety belt. 

Though traffic violations can differ from one place to another, following is a list of some common infractions and misdemeanors:

1.  Parking illegally, e.g. in a red zone, taxi or bus zone, temporary zone, or in a disabled parking spot without a disabled sticker on your vehicle. 
2.  Running a red light. 
3.  Making an illegal turn by turning against a light or against a posted sign. 
4.  Failing to stop completely at a stop sign before proceeding through. 
5.  Taking the right-of-way when it belonged to another driver. 
6.  Changing lanes without using the turn indicator. 
7.  Driving a vehicle without properly functioning turn signals and brake lights. 
8.  Driving at night without headlights. 
9.  Transporting an oversized load in an unsafe manner. 
10. Hitting another vehicle, be it parked or moving. 

Folks out there who are novice like me, better check this out. 


U.Lee said...

Hi Imelda, hey...only now you getting adriving licence?
Thought by now you many years experience.
My wife used to drive before we came her, but here she dare not as my car "too long and big", she says, so I drive her, ha ha.

Drive carefully, and stay cool, Lee.

Vanessa said...

good luck on driving! wag ka lang magpa-high blood kasi nakaka high blood naman talaga mag drive. hehe


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