Thursday, September 18, 2008


1. Be an early buyer. Buy at this early while the prices for christmad decors and other gift items are still low. 

2. Cheaper by the dozen. Buy more for less. It is cheaper to buy in bulk than in retail.

3. Buy generic items. Generic items are cheaper. Branded ones cost higher.

4. Make a shopping list. You save time, money and energy if you prepare a shopping list before you go for shopping.

5. Enhance the art of bargaining. Master the art of bargaining. It could save you more money.


U.Lee said...

Hi Imelda, good ideas. However I am vey good at going for walkabouts at Malls, but keeping my hand in my pocket, ha ha.
We try to avoid any luxuries as the world markets having hiccups, gas prices are best to lie low wait for sun to shine again.
Best regards, Lee.

Gina said...

talking about buying early, I already bought right after Christmas last year ..:-)..when Chistmas decors are all 75% off..

Babette said...

Sis, anong nangyari? Anong rule ang na-violate mo? I hope they reconsider that decision since you said that you corrected the problem.

RoseLLe said...

this is a good idea...more time to think din...walang ma-mmiss out.

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