Friday, September 26, 2008


Put things on their proper places. I instilled this to my children since they were small, whenever they play and after they play with their toys. My helper is not spared of this, too. I noticed that she just mix up everything from clothes, bills and receipts, up to the things in the kitchen. I hate scaters. My files at home of important documents are filed properly because it wastes my time and energy, whenever things are messed up. What do i do to make things oganize? Well, a permanent marker, board paper, glue and scotch tape are my weapon. With my chicken-scratch writing, who cares its my things anyway, i put a label to the clothes cabinets of children, label on my folders of receipts and bills, and labels on the kitchen cabinets. 

I read in the internet about this DYMO Labelmaker. Its quiet a fantastic solution to organizing the things in the offices, in the home, in the kitchen and in the school stuff of kids. It is as well a good solution to putting a tag on the kids clothes. I will change my old labels with my chicken-scratch writing with this Dymo Label Maker. If my younger son will go on a field trip, i would surely put a label or tag on his clothes, for secuiry purposes.

Why don't you try and switch to your old labellling to this Dymo Labeling? Visit its site at


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