Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A previous neighbor told me about the death of his son and i find it horrifying. The 7-month old baby was left to the care of the 7- year old brother. My neighbor are fish vendors a kilometer away from their house. The duo were left to themselves and while playing upstairs, the 7 year old fell onto the muddy area down their house and he got mud all over. Frantic to see the 7- month old with muds and in order to hide and leave no trace trace of the "falling incident" from parents, the elder scampered to find water to clean the mess on his younger brother. Since there was no water in the faucet, no water in the pail, and no water everywhere, the elder found a better way to sanitize the baby. He grabbed the only water he know that would clean the mess up, water coming from the vacuum flask full of hot, hot water. He poured the water onto the baby from head to foot, amid the baby grimacing in pain. I feel numb all over my body as i write this. I couldn't help but cry over the fate of this baby. He died of 4-degree burn.

I can't blame the elder. He followed this "hot water thingy putting" from her mother who used to pour hot water to the baby's bath daily to warm the water.        


Gvenrose said...

yay, that horrible i actually feel the pain while reading your post

jason and janice said...

oh my god!that is really aweful.that elder son is too young to babysit his brother diba?