Thursday, September 11, 2008


A friend told me one day how difficult it is to buy suit for his young man. Her young man was supposed to be one of the sponsors in a church wedding,  a "best man" for his cousin's wedding. They had been touring in department stores, scouring the malls and boutiques. The available suits were either too short, or too long or either too tight or too loose. They even made their last attempt to go to a suit rental store with the hope that they could find the sure fit suit for her young man. Their efforts and time were wasted as they could not find any. Good thing, though, that a friend told of a site at MySuit is a global company with 40 years of manufacturing and retail experience of Made to Measure suits. In just 2 weeks they can make you a tailored suit made of good craftmanship and elegance. You can make an appointment online if you are interested to order a tailored suit from them. My friend guarantees that their tailored suits are the best.

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