Sunday, September 21, 2008


I am just wondering why China has a very loose quality control on its products especially those that are basically used by children like toys and milk. Months ago, toys manufactured from China were banned due to the presence of toxic substances that can endanger the lives of children using them. And now, they did it again.  And this time around, either they are so careless, inefficient,ineffective and they deserve condemnation, they did it again. And this time around, many babies went dead when melamine, a substance used for making plastics, was found to be one of the contents in the babies milk.  Hello, China wake up from your deep slumber!  This is a condemnable act. What are you trying to do? Are you trying to kill people through these? This is command responsibility of the China government. Wake up, China. You have scared the world of this melamine scare. My family here is scared, too not just of the melamine but of all products made from China.  



gen2507 said...

I have read the news about it in MSN. Yeah, China should wake up and they should think people lives than thinking of business and it is really horrible to hear that some people died due to their products ewwww I do not like stuff made in China especially toys and other stuff. I better be careful. It is scary!

Anonymous said...

I recall that their equivalent to the US FDA was executed for taking bribes or something of that nature. You would think the fear of execution would deter this sort of thing.