Sunday, September 7, 2008


A friend in Daly City told me about the family's summer vacation in New Jersey  at Morey's Piers. Good for them, they have visited the larget amusement piers inthe world, the Morey's Piers. I can't wait to go to that place one day with my children, too. She showed me an email with pictures of them at the New Jersey water parks especially the Skypond Journey, the kiddie rides which consisted of 100 exciting amusement rides and attractions. Her kids surely enjoyed the vacation and i laughed when the kids requested an extended stay at the hotel they booked in at Wildwood, New Jersey in one of the accommodations offered by Morey's Resorts. I was triggered by my friend's story so i clicked on at I could only exclaim wow because the place is really suited for a family beach vacation. In fact, it is a best location for group events.  It is best to  check on their operating schedules before purchasing any tickets. One day, i will be there with my kids, that i promised to myself.

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