Monday, September 1, 2008


Is something wrong with blogsvertise? Recently, i received an email about the tasks they wanted me to post, they were the first tasks i got from them since the day i singed up and got approved. I was so joyful i made the posts and submitted them. The next day i had this email that my posts were rejected. I tried to edit and resubmit and a few minutes later emails rejecting my posts were sent to me. When i tired to log in to my blogsvertise account this was what was and is displayed until now, and i quote: " Sorry! Your account is not approved by admin."  

I tried to contact the contact us  at blogsvertise and as i was trying to submit my complaint form or page after typing in the security code, this was what appeared, and i quote again: "Sorry, you have entered an invalid security code. Please click back and try again".

I will b damned. I am so sure of the security code that i typed it correctly many, many times but many, many times i still get the same message saying i have entered an invalid security code. Hey, blogsvertise what's wrong? Has this happened to you, too guys?   


The Success said...

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Amel's Realm said...'s happened to me: rejected tasks, I mean, but when I contact them, they always reply and explain why. I hope you'll get clear answers on what's wrong!!!

Tammy said...

I've had rejected tasks before and there was something funky with one of my blogs on their blogvertise account once, but they fixed it as soon as I contacted them about it. I wish you luck trying to contact them again. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

molly said...

I still dont know how to go about ppp.

MommaWannabe said...

Hmmm I haven't really done much with blogsvertise...I was working more with PPP and socialspark. Just keep on emailing them so they can fix it.Goodluck to you.

Mommy Ruby said...

i have no problem with blogvertise. when i receive an email about a rejected tasks, i just do it and submit it. right now, i am having problems with PPP. they kept on blocking IPs of international posties. it's very. i hope it will be OK soon for both of us.

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Lalaine said...

oh..I hope this'll get fixed soon.. I've been in blogsvertise for quite a long time now and so far they haven't given me any tasks.. :( and I've only grabbed a bag once..

Robin and Emz said...

hi sis,

my tasks at blogvertise keeps on getting rejected and i still don't know why.. i sent them a message thru the help desk link but nobody is responding. good thing you mentioned about the contact us. hope they'll respond to me know..

how's your issue with your account?


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