Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Pregnancy behaviors are different in every woman. There are those who do not feel any inconveneinces at all, no nauseatic feeling, no morning sickness,no vomiting, no food coyness and no backpains. But for some, like my sister-in-law she has all the stated pregnancy conditions. And mind you, she suffers all the way up to her trimester. Ever since she gave birth from her 1st to 4th child and up to now she is conceiving her her 5th, its still the same conditions that she feels. I am amused at her because she's got this intense tolerance. My, if it happened to me, i will never sire a second child after feeling all these symptoms. Maybe, i will just wait for the time when husbands can already get preggy until we can have our 2nd child. Her tolerance is just great.

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WeblogLearner said...

Is that true? Hmmm, it is such a trivia to me. I thought all feel bad when they get pregnant like food coyness and cravings, as well as morning sickenss???


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