Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Who says greeting cards are already outdated with the advent of cellfones and the internet? Receiving a greeting card for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and card of condoloences in times of grief is still the best way to personally express one's feelings. Just like for example, for the thousands of soldiers comprising of men and women who are now stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan who won’t be able to celebrate the holidays with their friends and family, a simple christmas card will lift the spirit of these soldiers. That is why, The Gallery Collection, the maker of finest quality business greeting cards at a fair price, is committed to donate 180,000 holiday cards to these soldiers with the soldiers' Angel's motto 'May no soldier go unloved,'' thanking them for their services and wishing them a happy Holiday Season and New Year.  This is a very fitting motto for the soldier's greeting cards to let them feel that the people out here love them so much and that even if they are far away they are remembered.

For this Christmas, i choose to send Business Christmas cards to all my clients. Initially i have chosen my business christmas card design at The Gallery Collection with its site at www.gallerycollection.com. Among a variety of designs, i plan to order the Iridescent NativityOrnament Card. How about you? Spread the love, send tangible greeting cards. 


idealpinkrose said...

"ber" na nga pala at malapit na ang xmas...hehehe...

Liza said...

hi sis!

you might have received this sometime in the past but i still want to pass it on to you. please grab it when you have free time.



Zarebski said...
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