Thursday, September 11, 2008


Talking to a bunch of male participants during a training of barangay police enforcers, i could not fathom how most of them grow up on earth without instilling the sense of patriotism, and love of country. Has their reverence to the flag degraded or was it just pure ignorance of proper things to do when a flag is hoisted or the national anthem is sang.

An invocation started the activity followed followed by the singing of the national anthem. Most of the participants were facing to the right, because the invocation had a projector video. When the national anthem was sang, i saw most male participants sticked on facing to the right, instead of facing to the left, to the direction of the flag. And worst, most of them were still wearing their caps!

I cold not help but express my embarassment over this displayed irreverence before i started my lecture.  I wish next time, all of them would learn from this mistake and i hope, henceforth they would show reverence to the flag. 

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