Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Mother will be celebrating her birthday on September 26. She will be 82 years old but she doesn't look like it. She is a widow now as my father died at the age fo 57. We will be giving her a surpise birthday celebration, we will invite her close friends. I have already made the arrangements and it will go as planned on that day. Its sad, though, because 3 of her children can not come on her birthday so its just 7 of us here who will celebrate.  We are ten in the family and i am proud of her because she raised us all with tender loving care.


Tey said...

wow 82 grabe, abutin kaya natin yan. What's her secret?
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Happy Bithday..

Rosemarie said...

wow lola is younger than your mother pero maluya na tak lola hehehe..