Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A cousin's daughter in California will be having her debut this coming November. She was asking me of ideas on what to do during the party and the preparations beforehand and so we both discussed, together. We discussed about the food to be served during the day, which we agreed to have the foods that teeners like most. The venue is to be held at a restaurant that has an exclusive place for groups. When we came upon the souvenir items to be given out to guests and visitors, i suggested for personalized items which would bear the customized design the debutante would want to have. The debutante agreed to the idea and she likes hats, magnets and pens. My cousin suggested for the t-shirts to be worn out during the morning because the debut will be a whole day affair in New Jersey. Nice and unique idea because i seldom see debutantes giving out thiese kinds of items. Anyway, i told my cousin to have the  t-shirt printing at VistaPrint, the home of easy design and best print solutions.  Avail of big discounts, a coupon code TShirts25 : 25% Off or 25% discount on t-shirts will be a big savings for the t-shirts printing. They can buy other stuffs from this big savings. Visit at

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