Thursday, October 30, 2008


My children when they were babies then were sling babies.  I used to carry one of them around department stores, restaurants, and anywhere in the downtown area hands free. Since they only have a gap of five months, the other was carried by their nanny also in a baby sling. We could do our shopping for groceries, lift our luggages and board a public transport with ease.  It was such a great comfort to have a baby sling. 

How about you? If you have babies out there, let your baby be close to you, feel safe and secure as you go about your daily activities. You don't need to interrupt your household chores to pick up a fussing baby. All you have to do is pop your little baby into the HugaMonkey baby sling and go on with your tasks.  It is also very useful in your travel by plane or by train as it is really a breeze when a baby rides along in a HugaMonkey baby sling. You can carry your luggage and your ticket for inspection. Craddle your baby everywhere with comfort.Grab your good-looking baby carrier now! It is very afforable. 

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