Monday, October 20, 2008


For awhile my blogging life was put to trial when my other site, My Daily Thoughts and Moods, was assessed by PPP to not having met their standards. I realized then that real rank and page rank do not matter in the assessment of the PPP of blogs signed up at their level. When i received an email coming from them, i got depressed and i felt like an eagle soaring high dropping by at an instant when hit by a bullet. That site's page rank was PR3 and it can never receive marketplace opportunities at PPP again. It is earning now through other advertisers like payu2blog and blogsvertise. Somehow it is still earning and life goes on to blogging! What is important is i still get in contact with my friends in the web and my daily thoughts and moods continue to be expressed in that blogsite. I know many others were affected by PPPs assessment and i am lucky still to have a positive PPP assessment on the this site.

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