Sunday, October 26, 2008


A healthy family is a family with parents and children that are free of diseases that affect the skin, hair and nails. When these diseases like psoriasis, acne, cysts, age/sun spots, dermatitis, eczema, excesive sweating, skin cancer, spider veins, warts and many others happen and or to prevent these diseases to happen for preventive measures, a dermatologist like Martin Sands, who is an experienced and successful medical and surgical dermatologist who founded the Dermatology Associates is all you need.


dede said...

hi imelda, are you ka musta,..greeting from singapore..

Tey said...

hmmm nicely posted Imelda, I have acne and sometime having pimple breakthrough. I hate it
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Kevin said...

Hi imelda,

have you tried doing fish treatment? this fish bites on the infected skin. Over here it's called Dr. Fish where clients put their legs into the water and the fish cleans the legs.