Sunday, October 19, 2008


It has been such a busy day for me, lately.  Thanks my health conditions improved and i was able to attend to my official functions at my workstation last Saturday. Public speaking can sometimes be so frightening in the presence of many people and with big personalities around like the governor, the congressman and with the US and Philipine veterans of the World War II and other big personalities in the provincehood. Its not that i am not used to talking in public, but i was not so prepared with my speech with such a short notice. Anyway, i kept on scribbling the points in my speech, had to be concise and had to be direct to the point and related to the theme of the activity. I recalled when the task was offered to me by the mayor, i initially remarked that i m not fit to talk on that occasion as hello, i am not old yet! It was an activity to commemorate the heroes in the World War II when the Philippines was held in captive by the Japanese and these heroes were responsible for giving flag signals to the Americans to not dock in the particular place where the Japanese were stationed. The Philippines were allies with the Americans. These signals were the start of the downfall of the Japanese in the leyte gulf area and to the other archipelagos of the country.  Anyway, despite my begging off, i turned out rendering the speech nevertheless. All went well , though.     

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