Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My son went home yesterday with hives or an allergic reaction of the skin. Hives are raised red,itchy patches of the skin, that appears and disappears at random. They range in size and they may last a few minutes or a few days.

Multiple hives often occur in reaction to a drug, food or infection. A single hive commonly develops after an insect sting. Other possible causes include plants, inhaled allergens, stress, cosmetics, and exposure to heat or cold or sunlight.

My son maybe got stinged by this crawling critter in the school trees. I applied a calamine solution to relieve him from the itching. A bendaryl antihistamine may have helped but he did not want to take it. I applied a hot towel on the itchy spots and somehow he was relieved bu the next day the itchy patches were still there. Mother came and she said, the solution to it was vinegar and salt applied as topical cream. I asked how about seasoning, jokingly? My son, acceeded and in a few minutes the itchy patches were gone. Effective! Mother knows best, really!

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