Monday, October 20, 2008


Holiday here. I have no work and kds have no classes. But it seems like i am all alone in the house. Daughter is working. Sons are out with their friends playing in the neighborhood. My sons are babies no more. My youngest does not like to be called baby anymore, coz he is already a big boy according to him. I am left to myself, alone with my computer. I remember what my father told me then to treasurer the moments while your children are still young because when they become teens they will prefer to be with their friemds most of the time. And, it is happening now. Anyway, they need association with friends their age. I may have to accept this fact that my kids are babies no more.


Tey said...

same thing happening to me and I am getting lonelier each time I see them grow up. Kaya eto binubuhos sa blogging
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NovaS said...

true.. .but i can tell you that there are certain ways to bond with your kids, like outings, having dinner outside. just do the things or things together, when i was in my teenage i used to choose to be with my friends over my family which is really sucks... and after i graduated college, it is opposite now, i prefer to stay with my family then having good times with friends..

Gina said...

I used to whine being at stay at home mom , pero dapat pala matuwa ako 'coz that means I have more time for my babies..thanks for this post


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