Saturday, October 25, 2008


Early in the morning i was at the hospital for my blood chemistry laboratory exam. I had this laboratory exam for body monitoring purposes. I am glad that I was still within the normal range for each test.  

Glucose   5.73 (normal range is 3.89-5.84)

Creatinine 74.5  (normal range is 50-100)

Total Cholesterol 4.71 (normal range is up to 5.7)

Triglycerides 1.06  (noraml range is 0.46 - 1. 60

   LDL Cholesterol 2.60 (less than normal range is 3.9)

   HDL Cholesterol 1.62 (more than 1.49)

I have nothing to worry now, but i shall have to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



NovaS said...

oh..that's good one way to monitor your health... ako ani intawon, worried for a diabetic, since my mader is diabetic... they said nga mag-skip daw na by generations eh...

naa koy something diay for you te meldz.. hope you like it... musta naka?

RoseLLe said...

ei! congratulations...keep it up healthy mommy :)