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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Months ago, my daughter has been prodding me to send her to a taekwando schooling. She preferred this over the organ lessons i had for both her and my son. I figured that she was right but, on second thought i refuse to imagine that she will face a violent attacker once she knows the taekwondo, when it will be called for.  Her job requires her to go home late sometimes at night. So, i told her there is no need for taekwando lessons. The only best protection i told her is to always stay close in group to deter criminals from attacking and to always avoid places bred by notorious people.

In my browsing the internet , i found this site about security devices at Planet Mace sells personal security devices and home security system devices. I finally found one security device i could give to my daughter and one i could spare to myself, too. It is a Mace pepper spray, a self-defense device that is extremely effective in temporarily stopping any assailant by spraying it. It released a stream of potent Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), a derivative of hot cayenne peppers, which would instantly swell the mucus membranes in the throat, nose, eyes, and lungs of an assailant. It will temporarily blind an animal or assailant and will have difficulty in breathing. Its effects are short term, butit will provide enough time for me and my daughter to escape and contact law enforcement personel or anybody for help.

I can buy another security device, too for home. It would come handy if any burglar would come in our house where we don't have any grown up man around because the only grown up here is me and my daughter.I can buy Tasers so we can effectively subdue any violent attacker and defend my family from harm. Planet Mace sells these personal security devices and many other quality individual and home security security systems at affordable prices. Buy yours, now. 

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Nathan said...

You are absolutely right. When it comes to protecting your family nothing is too costly. Invest in a good burglar alarm system. Its truly a wise move. I live in Canada & bought one home alarm and home security system last month. Now i have motion detector and two way voice communication alarm that puts me in contact with the monitoring station in case of emergency. I am so happy and at peace,knowing that i have reduced the chances of my family being exposed to risk.