Sunday, November 23, 2008


My brother complains of his son still bedwetting even at the age of 6. Well, bedwetting is common among young children. Most will outgrow the problem by age 6 to 8 as their bladders grow larger and bladder control improves. Bed wetting is rarely caused by urinary tract infection or emotional problems.

So, I told my brother to  limit the child drinks during the two hours before bedtime and to remind the child to get up during the night to urinate. It may help to provide a bedside potty chair and night light may help.  I also told him to reward the child for dry nights.


Liza said...

what you told your brother is right, it's not really a cause for alarm.

have a great week ahead.

Prettymom said...

when justin turned 2 years old i week him up at midnight to pee.

NovaS said...

oh that's true... you can't control your emotion or the unconscious feelings you have while your sleeping..that's the reason why it happens.. and too much play as well..

hi te meldz, i replied to your comment in my page if you have time you can read it as well..

Tey said...

l I had a hard time with the potty training stage for my kids.. I am glad I am done with this..
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twinks said...

It happens to kids..normal. They're not yet able to control their bladder. My lil girl sometimes have dry nights and wet nights. Rewarding them for dry nights is a good idea too.
Btw, about the can have it..just email me

Twinks :]

Toni said...

I hope I do have this issue... good luck to your brother.


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