Friday, November 14, 2008


When I started blogging, I loved visiting and reading other's blogs. I read once in one of my blogger friends' post that she hated it when she saw a picture she took being used by another blogger. She was quite sure it was her picture because the background and everything all looked similar to the picture that she took and she posted in her blog. Understandably she was mad, because she was never asked permission that her posted picture will be used by another blogger. To me, it is really ridiculous. It is even a violation of the intellectual property rights. Since that time on, that blogger friend of mine always scribble her name on all pictures she take. That was right, though, so that plagiarism will be avoided. Now, bloggers will not worry anymore where to get pictures to post on their blogs. There is that collects, screens, and hosts quality pictures for bloggers. This will be a great help for bloggers. You need not worry to be charged with plagiarism because all images are properly licensed, optimized, and ready to use with blogs. To add a picture to blog post, what a blogger needs to do is simply copy and paste the blog pictures given image code, without downloading, resizing, uploading the image file. The good news is aside from the images being so easy and simple to copy and paste,it is free! C'mon bloggers, visit this site and avail of free and beautiful images like the one I posted here.

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