Friday, November 14, 2008


Stucked at home. That's what I am now because I am sick. I was just listening to good music as I blog whenever I felt my body can. Don't you know that in olden times times, studies proved that there are good effects of music when a person is sick, during and after surgery. Music helps to relax during recovery and many said that they felt less of a need for anesthesia. Soft, tonal music was particularly effective. Listening to slow Baroque or classical music several days prior to surgery and hearing it again in the recovery room reduces postoperative disorientation. In another study conducted to children aged seven to seventeen with ADD or ADHD, a playing of Mozart during thrice-weekly neurofeedback sessions for some of the subjects and nothing for the others discovered that those who listened to Mozart reduced their theta brain waves in exact rhythm to the underlying beat of the music, and displayed better focus and mood control, diminished impulsivity, and improved social skills.

This is what I am doing now to help me relax and be well.

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Sandra Carvalho said...

Hope you get better asap!
Music helps me a lot too!