Sunday, November 30, 2008


It is Sunday and most people go to the beach for a swim. Children love to swim in the beach and boy, their adrenalin is great that they can stay in the eaters even for the whole day. If accidentally, your child gets a jellyfish sting, here is what you should do:
1. Rinse the area immediately with saltwater. Do not use fresh water and do not rub; it will release more poison.

2. Splash vinger, alchol, or meat tenderizer dissolved in saltwater on the area to neutralize the poison.

3. Remove any attached tentacles carefully. Protect youyr hand with a towel and apply a paste of sand or baking soda and saltwater tot he area. Scrape the tentacles off with the cloth or the edge of a crdit card.

4. Apply for a calamine lotion to releive pain and itching.

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Toni said...

I hope I never have to use this info!!!