Monday, November 17, 2008


I had posted in my My Daily Thoughts and Moods, about the missing blogger tools and icons like the icons to link, bold, italize, and add a video and like wise the edit HTML and Compose tabs. I missed it for about a week but now I have them back. However, I am still missing the icons to center, align, right, left, justify, font, and text size. I am happy though, that at least some have been restored for now. I did not switch to any other browsers as I have learned in my search over the net that switching to other browsers by some who had the same experience did not guarantee the return of those missing tools and icons. Thank you, Blogger. Please restore the other still missing tools and icons to complete them in my bogger dashboard.


Prettymom said...

good to know na bumalik na an imo iba na icon. btw i have something for you in this link

Tey said...

why what is your browser Imelda? But I am glad it back now. So woory less na
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Dave Lucas said...

Hi Imelda! Computers are so unpredictable... I've been through all with computers, so much so nothing bothers me or surprises me anymore. I had the same problem you did once... turned out something had corrupted windows registry. Hope everything works out okay for you!