Thursday, November 20, 2008


Looking back, I can't help to compare the way of living now and thirty years ago. It was a slow paced life thirty years ago,  less stress for many, and people valued good morals on themselves and against other people. With the turn of time, that scenario became exactly the opposite. Today life is so fast-paced, stressful and less people value good morals. Less and less people stop to smell the flowers, less and less people heard the chirping of the birds and less and less people lived to care for other people but themselves. When extreme trials are encountered a great depression sinks in and in most cases because of utter neglect to the value of life, end their own lives.  

The time is not yet late. There is still time to renew and transform the lives of many who are greatly affected by depression.  A Mindful Living TV, created by Dr. Kathleen Hall, internationally recognized lifestyle expert in stress and work and life balance, is a program which will to entertain, enrich and educate the viewers on how to bring meaning to their lives and to live mindfully everyday.  This is a TV program that will wake up and stir the attention to life of those who are and who are prone to be overbooked, overworked and overwhelmed. Mindful Living is learning to experience life instead of riding it like a runaway train avoiding stress and hassles in the process.. If you are interested, get in touch at 


The New Mom on the Blog said...

Oh girl! If given a choice, I wish my kids could have grown up in my childhood days, really! less stressful!

Tripzibit said...

Well, i guess life must go on, Sis. We cannot looking back again, but we must create a better future for our children

tridabizz said...

thanks for that advice, just give u smile today